Manufactured by Butler Engineering

Extrusion Die Manufacture

Butler Engineering has been manufacturing extrusion dies for the food industry for over 40 years. We can readily create hardened and ground tool steel dies to your specifications using the highest quality materials and processes.

Press Mould Dies

Industrial Knife Manufacturing

Manufacture special purpose industrial knives and cutters for the food industry.

Industrial Knife Sharpening and Die Sharpening Service

Conveyor Pulley Shafts

Manufacture large conveyor shafts for many mines and quarries in the central west. Currently we can machine shafts 4.3m long x 370mm Diameter.

Concrete Formwork anchors and fittings

Specialised formwork anchors for large concrete constructions manufactured to customers specifications.

Special Flanges

Heat Exchanger Plates

This 316 stainless steel heat exchanger plate is 850mm diameter x 65mm thick with 1200 12.8mm holes drilled through.

Rotary Valves

Pump Housings

Special Purpose Chain Links

Rail Wheel Manufacture and Refurbishing

Door Routing Guides

These simple jigs make routing the hinge rebates an easy and accurate process, saving hours of time on every house fit out. Designed around standard measurements, the jigs are made in one piece solid construction for accuracy, strength and ease of use.

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