Our capabilities and equipment


Ultra precision machining of complex shapes and transitions up to 300mm thick. Especially useful for extrusion dies and precision tooling applications.

Electric discharge machining is a method of machining where an electric current is passed through an electrode (or tool), and a discharge is made to the work piece, which erodes away the material.

There are many different styles of EDM with wire EDM using wire as the electrode. We can use wire from 0.1mm to 0.3mm which creates a slot in the work piece approximately 0.05mm bigger than the wire diameter. We most commonly use 0.25mm wire which means that our average slot width is 0.3mm. Hence these machines are ideally suited to very fine and intricate shapes.

EDM can cut through almost anything that conducts electricity, which makes this machine extremely useful for cutting complex shapes through hardened steel, tungsten carbide, steel, aluminium, bronze, and copper to name a few. Having this versatility we are easily able to cut special form tooling for our workshop machines.

Our Fanuc WEDM has a table size of 550 x 350, and can cut up 300mm thick. The most amazing feature of this machine is that the top head can move independently of the bottom head which allows us to machine transition forms with different shapes on the top and bottom of the part.

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